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Tradition and highest quality

Our family company Peter Moser Rustikale Holzbearbeitung GmbH has been processing wooden surfaces for over 30 years with the greatest attention to detail. We strive to use regional products like spruce, oak, larch or Swiss pine, all of which are quite popular in construction and refurbishments in the Alpine region.

Modern and established technique

The machine for surface processing and individual chopped structures developed by Peter Moser, founder of the company, is fully automatic and has been developed further since its first use. Our clients appreciate our unique products and established refinement.

New generation

The new generation of management sees to it that the correct steps are taken concerning sustainable use of resources and the preservation of added value in Tyrol. Silvia Bischofer, daughter of the founder, and her husband Mathias are carrying on the family tradition.

Our approach

Social and ecological commitment & sustainability

...are not just empty phrases for us. We are an eco-conscious and responsible Tyrolean company that uses green energy—100% of our electricity is certified green electricity from Tyrol’s small hydroelectric power stations. At our production facilities in Brixlegg and Alpbach, we have photovoltaic plants (150 and 50 KW, respectively); in favourable conditions, our production facility in Brixlegg can be powered through the electricity generated through photovoltaics alone. Also, we only use electric forklifts. Any waste produced is reused sustainably for wood chippings.

In this way, we are taking the right steps towards an ecological future without atomic energy. We also contribute to lowering CO2 emissions.

Apart from this, we support the Special Olympics as well as the ÖBSV, the Austrian sports association for the disabled.

Our History

With passion since 1980


We turn new to old—every surface is unique, like it has been chopped by hand.


Wood waste has been in high demand the past years, yet the amount available is nowhere near enough to reach the demand. Peter Moser took advantage of this trend 40 years ago and developed a machine that automatically generates chopped planks and timber. Before this, one had to chop wood by hand with a broad hatchet—work that took many hours to complete. Nowadays, hand-chopped wood would not be affordable at all. So, in 1980, Peter Moser began to experiment and developed the world’s first chopping machine for surface processing. Now our machines are fully automatic. They can easily process three-layer boards as large as 6 x 2.1 m.

The technical process of the surface processing is our company secret. However, we can say that the electronic controlling of the choppers allows for 8 million chopping models. So every piece is unique, just like with hand-chopped surfaces.


We refine the natural product wood.


Each wooden surface is treated with the greatest care. We pay great attention to using regional products like spruce, oak, larch or Swiss pine, all of which are quite popular in construction and refurbishments in the Alpine region.

We will make your project a reality

Your furnishing dreams will come to life in our carpentry! We will gladly plan and build:  

  • Doors
  • Bedrooms
  • Furniture
  • Living rooms

We will gladly advise you and considerate your wishes.

Our team

Our team of choppers, carpenters and office workers ensure great products and best service.