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Solid timber & fake timber

Solid timber is used e.g. for open attics, conservatories, Alpine cabins etc. We offer solid timber in its natural form (spruce, larch and oak) as well as retro, spruce and larch steamed, or thermal spruce.

You can choose between the following processing types for the surface:

  • chopped, lightly grinded
  • grinded only

Solid timber is ideal for modern wooden structures!

We can process timber and glue-laminated timber from 1 m up to 20 m in length, and 1.2 m in width.

There are two types of timber and solid timber: for construction, which is statically loadable, and scantling for decoration.

We will gladly process material provided by you as contract work.

Our fake timber gives interior roofs and walls a special kind of cosiness. You can achieve a nice atmosphere with minimal effort.