Tradition and top quality

Over 30 years our family run company Peter Moser rustikale Holzbearbeitung GmbH refines wooden surfaces with greatest care. Our primary objective is the use of native products such as spruce, oak, larch and arolla pine, which are specialy used in the Alpine area.

Modern and proven technology

The founder of the company Peter Moser developed a machine for surfaces processing which allows distinct result while operating fully automated. The machine and method gradually improved and offer best quality results. Our customers appreciate our reliable refinement and products.

New generation

The new management generation with Siliva Bischofer, the founder´s daughter, and Mathias her husband, took over management of the family run company. The direction is set for sustainable and value added production in Tyrol.

Teamwork in action

Our strong team, consisting of dedicated employees, makes sure our products and services are the best possible.

Social and Eco engagement

As a enviromental friendly and responsible-minded company we rely on Ökoengerie (green enegery), support the Special-Olympics and the ÖBSV.